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Monday, July 2, 2012

Excuse Me?!

It was a dark and stormy night. 
Okay, it wasn't stormy, though there was lightning and thunder.  And it was almost dark.  So, there! 
Lisa was in the room we laughingly call the office, since it houses the computer and file cabinets.  She goes in there, not to actually do any office type work, normally, but to have an excuse to get away from the rest of the family and just have a bit of quiet time.  That was what she was hoping for on this night. As she settled in and got the computer going, she let her mind wander to the affairs of the day. 
She had packed quite a lot into a small amount of time, today.  There had been the trip to the recycling center to haul off all the paper that consisted of junk mail, catalogs (of every size, shape and description, selling everything under the sun), magazines (read and unread), flyers advertising every event within a 50 mile radius and last but not least .. phone books.  (My Lord, how many phone books does one house need, or want?)  The trip lasted longer than anticipated once she realized that a stop by the grocery was called for if she wanted the family to eat, tonight.  Then there were the candles that she was making for the 4th of July festival in Maggie Valley.  It promised to be a big one and she needed to carry as many as possible in order to make some money.  So, yes, it had been a busy day.
The office chair that Jerry insisted they have really felt good, today.  Though not overly padded, it was soft enough and just the right height for typing. 
She had given notice to all that she had work to do in the office and did not want to be disturbed.  Of course, with two grandchildren in the house, that was like spitting in the wind.  But anyway.  They were why she wasn't really surprised to hear someone come into the room.  She was immersed in what she was typing and didn't bother to look, expecting that it was either Nate (3) or Abby (2).  Instead, it was their mother, Rachel that said, "What are you doing?".  At least it sounded like Rachel.
Lisa turned toward the voice, ready to ask, "What part of .. leave me alone .. did you not understand?" That 's was what she intended, anyway.  The sarcasm died on her lips as she realized no one was there. 
Thinking that Rachel had ducked back out of the room, she left the computer and went in search of the intruder.  She stuck her head in every room, but no Rachel.  Not in the hall, the den nor the kitchen.  Matter of fact, there didn't seem to be anyone, anywhere in the house ... but her.  Realizing that she was all alone and that someone that was not there had asked her what she was doing, she felt the best thing that she COULD do was exit the premises!
She found David, the farm help, lounging in the swing under the tree.  He promised that he had not been in the house over the last half hour or so.
After catching her breath and calming down a bit, she admitted to herself that she had just been visited by the Lady.  And even though she did not doubt that the Lady would never harm her, she determined that, from now on, she wouldn't be so adamant about being left alone.

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